Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seven Keys to Happiness

"Never lose the essence of childhood." AVR

Abe V Rotor

A book of the same title by Dan J Black tells us that it is not difficult to attain happiness in every life.

1. Know and appreciate yourself
and the world.

2. Maintain good physical and
spiritual health.

3. Cultivate a good sense of humor.

4. Be a friend.

5. Be creative: always have a goal.

6. Maintain a wholesome relationship
with the opposite sex.

7. Get to know and trust your Heavenly
Father as a close, personal friend.

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Issa santiago said...

As I read your blog, I sat down, realized and think about what has changed in my life. When I considered what I changed, I came up with the following keys to happiness. They aren’t a cure all, but employing them in my life has really helped me to heal and become a whole, happy person.

1.Find what your purpose in life and follow wherever it leads.

2.Live in present time. Don’t hurry things. Enjoy what you have today and prepare for your future.

3.Learn to love and respect yourself, be your own best friend, and develop the courage to face your fears. That way you will learn to love and respect others and your relationships will become more pleasant.

4.Walk within nature every day if possible. Go enjoy yourdelf with your friends or families. Have picnic along or go to the beach and enjoy the sunrise!

5.Do something creative. Make yourself busy at all times!

6.Discover what each negative or upsetting experience has to teach you and learn from those experiences.

7.Forgive and Forget: Find compassion in your heart for those who have hurt you by letting go of judgment. Instead, seek to understand.

8.Share your blessings: Find a way to share with others your gifts and talents and what you’ve learned from this experience called life.

9.Give random act of kindness. Sometimes just listening respectfully to what someone needs to say can be the most priceless gift of all.

10.Lastly, APPRECIATE LIFE. Learn to appreciate what you have in the present moment, your experiences and the hidden gifts within them, and say a silent ‘thank you’ to the people who come into your life to reveal to you a greater knowledge of who you are, what works against you, and what your greatest potential might be.