Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Men and Women (Test Review)

Abe V Rotor

Supply the missing word or words/keyword

1. In Classical Greece, complete this teacher-to-pupil sequence: Socrates, Plato, ___________.

2. Rhett Butler played by Clark Gable had this famous line, “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.” From movie (title) _____________________

3. There is a famous statement that captures how powerful Rome was at its height.

4. England became the biggest empire in 18th century and had colonies all over the world – India, Australia, US, Canada, to name the most important. There is a fmous statement which says, _______________________________________

5. This is one element of a good anecdote that stimulates the intellect, sagacity, understanding. It shows cleverness. ______

6. This is another element of good story that lifts the spirit, and brings man towards optimistic goals. _______________

7. Bato bati sa langit …. Doesn’t speak well of a good story. The refers to ________________.

8. Avoid this aspect in story telling, promoting an idea, thing or person. _________________.

9. This is one aspect we should avoid in story telling: directly imposing a norm or moral obligation. __________________

10. It took this man to convince four kings to support his plan to reach East if he goes strait West – thus he name the island he first landed as East Indies. ________________

11. If you are presented with a simple problem that has a simple solution instead of wasting time and resources, they say, “Cut the Gordian Knot.” Who first should it this way by cutting the complicated Gordian Knot with one slash of his sword. _____________

12. This flying insect circled the a lamp from which Rizal used it as symbol of martyrdom. ________

13. He is known even to the present as the “man of the masses” who at one instance promoted a engineer on the spot. _____________________

14. The most loved anecdote teller of all time. His anecdotes and anecdotes about him are known all over the world. __________________________

15. He took the crown from the hands of the Pope who was about to crown him, and crowned himself. _____________________

16. This is the Lady with a Lamp who made her rounds in the hospital with a tiny lamp. _______________________

17. Emperor, a city was named after him, whose mother was a Christian in disguise, latter became liberal ti Christian in practicing their faith. _________________________

18. English admiral, ordered by his superior not to proceed in his mission because the eny ships are waiting. He took the telescope and trained it on his right eye which is blind, and said, “I can’t see the enemy sir.” National British hero. _________________________

19. He isolated himself in his room for days, eating but little, and when he emerged, his face lighted like that of a saint, and holding his masterpiece Halleluiah. Who is this composer. __________________

20. He attended a concert which played his masterpiece. At the end, the audience stood to pay respect to the composer. Someone had to signal him to acknowledge. _____________________________________

Bonus Question: One of the most famous meetings in history. US newsman Stanley was sent to Africa to search for Dr. David Livingstone. What was Stanley’s greeting?

Death of Socrates

1. Aristotle 2. Gone with the Wind 3. All roads lead to Rome 4. “The sun never sets on English soil.” 5. Wit 6. Inspirational 7. Fatalism n 8. Propagandism 9. 10. Christopher Columbus 11. Alexander the Great 12. Moth 13. Ramon Magsaysay 14. Abraham Lincoln 15.Napoleon Bonaparte 16. Florence Nightingale 17. Constantine the Great 18. Horatius Nelson 19. Frederick Handel 20. Ludwig van Beethoven

Answer to Bonus Question. "Dr. Livingstone, I suppose?

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