Friday, February 26, 2010

Poetry: Who? What did you say?

Confucius, the Great Teacher. His teachings
elevated man's consciousness to the highest
level of self-worth and dignity.

Albert Einstein, Man of the 20th Century.
His formula E=mc2 revolutionized man's
concept of the physical world, the key to
modern science and technology.

Abe V Rotor

1. What is essential is invisible to the eye,
so with Keller's faith and the loyalty of Bligh.

2. Fibonacci Sequence is correct, but is it of any use?
If you understand E=mc2, then there is no excuse.

3. Before Philip attacked Elizabeth and lost his fleet,
he swore to his faith with gold around his feet.

4. They say raw courage is bravado. Aye! Aye!
Why did Nelson put the telescope on his blind eye?

5. Napoleon's army was in the deep Russian cold.
"Come out and fight, cowards," cried the lost bold.

6. "Hush, hush! Suddenly the world became still
as Allan Poe's raven appears on the window sill.

7. The spider weaves a perfect tapestry
Guided by the goddess Arachne.
Ask Charles Darwin the explanation
And Robert Bruce the exclamation.

8. Unbridled company breeds notoriety
In Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale;
Many men were lost in the Hessian Army
And in ships with black sail.

9. What is the fate of an era long gone;
When the master had left little of his art?
Remember the story of the Prodigal Son
And a father who received him back.

10. If Millet were to paint a scenario,
Of a man like The Man with a Hoe?
Markham puts meaning to these two,
Would life be just a see-saw?

11. If it is not in our stars
where our problem lies,
"Where then?" We may ask.
Pogo says, "The problem is us."

12. Be it at Acadie or Walden Pond,
Basilan or on Mount Saint Paul,
Or atop the Pyramid of the Sun,
God's message is same to all.

13. Freud and Jung foretold,
The man you see today
Was the child of yesterday,
Whom you saw growing old. ~

NOTE: Search the Internet, find who these people are; places and events, likewise, in italics.

Light from the Old Arch
2, AVR

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