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Self-Administered Test on Water (True or False, 50 Items)

Cumulo-stratus cloud in summer is a sign of early rain.

Dr Abe V Rotor

1. H20 is the chemical formula of water which means 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygen.

2. Transpiration, respiration, evaporation have one thing in common – they are processes that send water vapor into the air.

3. Water in liquid form is cooler than water in vapor dorm.

4. Only 5 % of the total water on earth is freshwater, 95 % is salt water.

5. Total water on earth as ice and glacier is around 2 percent.

6. Of the total freshwater, glacier and ice make up 78.19 %, 20.58 %groundwater, and 0.82% rivers and lakes, soil 0.41%.

7. When water freezes it becomes denser and heavier.

8. Water in vapor or gaseous forms into liquid or rain when it losses heat.

9. When water evaporates it leaves behind sediments, pollutants, other chemical – in short just H20.

10. Saltwater intrusion is stronger in summer than in the rainy season.

11. Sea breeze usually occurs usually in the afternoon and early evening.

12. Land breeze occur usually in the morning towards noon.

13. We say we have sufficient rain if water has adequately supplied our aquifers – and ground water, Runoff water is not really that necessary.

14. Chlorine, methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide contribute to acid rain.

15. Acid rain and global warming have no connection to each other.

16. Why not allow a village to be part of the La Mesa watershed? It’s but a drop in the bucket so to speak. The argument is correct.

17. The village will act as caretakers of the La Mesa Reservoir – expert sila sa water management – allow them.

18. Most vulnerable to drought are land areas just above and below the equator.

19. The continuous circulation of Earth's water supply between the ocean, atmosphere, and landmasses is called the hydrologic cycle.

20. Capillary water rises to the root zone of the plants coming from the water table.

21. More water is evaporated from the ocean than is returned to the ocean by precipitation.

22. The most abundant salt in seawater is NaCl.

23. The driest soil contains water that can be used by plants.

24. Water is densest just before it freezes – this is how water breaks rocks and ice itself.

25. Weather system is traced to the differential density and distribution of the ocean water.

26. The two months the Philippines has the highest amount of rainfall is August and September.

27. Steam engine is a new invention, allegedly by a Filipino.

28. While we suffer of lack of rain, Northern China, India, Australia and the US may be experiencing floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.

29. The most common agents of erosion is running water and wind.

30. The idea of using natural steam commercially to generate electricity dates from about 1950.

31. The discharge of a river usually increases downstream.

32. The biggest dam in the world today is the Aswan Dam in China across the Yangtze River.

33. Aral Se in Russia, Sea Galilee, Dead Sea, Baltic Sea - all are salty.

34. The more sandy the soil is, the longer it can retain water - because it has larger spaces between particles that that in clayey.

35. The integrity of the watershed is in its being multi-layered - or multi storied vegetation.

36. When it rains hard in a few days the water in swimming pools and lakes turn green because of acid rain.

37. We are about to feel the effects of the Amihan, come Septemberrrrrr.

38. Water is Nature’s general solvent, it comprises 90 percent of the bodies of most organisms on earth.

39. In the Philippines our estuaries are saltier during the cool months than during hot months.

40. The strongest typhoons that hit the Philippine is towards the end of the year.

41. All oceans of the world are interconnected.

42. Lightning and thunder occur at the same time.

43. The greatest agent of erosion that levels anything along its way are the glaciers.

44. Cumulus cloud brings rain – it is a good sign even if it becomes stratus cloud.

45. Formation of acid rain start with evaporation – picking up along its way the pollutants.

46. Kaingin is allowed as long as it is outside watersheds of reservoirs.

47. The byproduct of engines using Hydrogen fuel is water.

48. Dilution with water is the most popular way of cheating customers: Shampoo, patis, vinegar, soup, and broth, honey, syrup, liquid medicine, alcohol. There’s a saying, “tubig ang binibili mo.”

49. Convection of water is poor, warm water tends to remain on top, thus plankton population is lower in the tropic than in temperate waters.

50. To compensate for poor convention, wave action help mix warm and cold water as current moves from deep to shallow water.

Patapat Twin Falls, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

ANSWERS: 1f, 2f not respiration, 3t, 4f 3.97%, 5t, 6t, 7f, 8t, 9t, 10t, 11f, 12f, 13f, 14t, 15f, 16f, 17,f, 18t, 19t, 20t, 21t, 22t, 23 f hygroscopic water cannot be used by plants, 24t, 25t,26f, 27f, 28t, 29t, 30t, 31t, 32t, 33f Sea of Galilee and Aral Sea are freshwater lakes, 34f opposite, 35t, 36f nitrate, 37t, 38f 70%, 39f, 40t, 41t, 42t, 43t, 44f, 45t, 46f, 47t, 48t, 49t, 50t.

Living with Nature 3, AVR

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