Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reverse mask to ward off animal attack.

Reversed mask as part of costume in a parade on UST campus.

A lynx cat. Avilon Zoo, Rizal

Abe V Rotor

When walking through a forest, wear a reversed mask to ward off tiger or lion attack.

This may not apply in the Philippines because we don’t have tigers and lions. But it helps discourage aggressive dogs, bulls, and even a male turkey from attacking. But how funny one may look walking with a mask turned the other way around.

In some parts of Asia and Africa, there are cases of people attacked from behind by ferocious animals which include the lynx (photo), and leopard. Reversed mask makes the would-be prey to appear always on the guard.

But recently, a growing number of these animals could no longer be deceived. Either they have become bolder as man continues to trespass into their habitats. Or it is simply a case of poor art.~

Living with Folk Wisdom, AVR-UST Manila

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