Friday, December 4, 2009

Nature's Sweet Lies 2 - Conceit and Deceit

Plant with moth-like leaves - shape, color, venation, and
colony arrangement. Manressa Retreat House, QC

A pair of moth resembling leaves in autumn, normal
and closeup view. St Paul University, QC

Among the foliage in a forest I am but a leaf,
Green in spring and summer, golden in autumn.
Brown with the earth where I shall fall;
And there I rest through time unknown.

Then shall rise another, like the leaf that I was,
Or another kind faithful to the cycle of nature
Or a bold seeker of freedom, a sinner
Driven from the Garden of its birth.

Away from its origin and ancestors,

Now armed with Darwinian fashion, earned

Through time and trial, of victory and defeat
To survive outside the confines of rules -

And faith, from boredom and prosaic beauty.

In disobedience through deceit and conceit

Flies among the stars with its kind 'til dawn,

To a new world, but find the same old game.~

Living with Nature 3, AVR

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