Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Corner of Eden

Abe V Rotor

Pristine Loboc River, Municipality of Loboc, Bohol
(Photos by Ms Cecilia R Rotor)

A Little Corner of Eden
Dr Abe V Rotor

If I were to return after the Fall
To where my forebears once lived;
If I were to trace back their footsteps
To their world of make believe -

What would I tell to my dear Creator
Whose open arms have waited so long
For man to return, to repent for his Sin -
And I, having also failed all along?

I would tell Him there is also a place,
A little green corner of grass and trees,
Of bees and flowers, rainbow and butterflies,
Where birds come and sing with the breeze.

An emerald river gently flowing,
Meandering between hills and on the plain,
Palms and trees bowing at its levees,
Its waters soothing the day's pain.

I would tell Him of this place also forgotten,
Abandoned by a bandwagon,
By those who nurture the Utopian dream,
Now orphaned and virtually alone.

Is forgetfulness also Your tool of creation?
Where man shall be gone forever
Paradise is redeemed and once more born?
No wonder Nature triumphs when left alone.~

Acknowledgment: Loboc Tourism Office. Living with Nature 3, AVR (All Rights Reserved)

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