Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anecdote 4: Technology took away the quaintness of trapping frogs

Abe V Rotor

It was fun to trap frogs when I was a kid. I would dig holes in the field, around one and one-half feet deep, at harvest time. Here the frogs seek shelter in these holes because frogs need water and a cool place. Insects that fall in to the hole also attract them. Early in the morning I would do my rounds, harvesting the trapped frogs from each hole. Frogs make a favorite dish among Ilocanos especially in those days when there were no chemical pesticides on the farm. The frog is skinned, its entrails removed, and cooked with tomato, onion - and achuete (Bixa orellana) to make the menu deliciously bright yellow orange.

Technology may have succeeded in reducing insects that destroy crops, but it virtually eliminated the natural enemies of insects, such as the frog. Thus making man dependent on technology.

Above all, it has taken away the quaintness of an experience boys today may not be able to enjoy. ~ ~ ~

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