Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part 4: La Golondrina (Conclusion)

Abe V Rotor

Leo Carlo Rotor and team mates and
their award winning kite, UST.

When I reached the age Manong Bansiong was as kite maker, I also found joy in making kites for children. I am not as good as my mentor though. When Leo Carlo, my youngest son, took part in kite flying at the University of Santo Tomas, he came to me and asked, “Can you help me make a kite, papa?”

I remember my kite flying days. I helped him re-create La Golondrina. It was turning back the hands of time. He carried the kite we made across the football field with Marlo, his brother, and I, at the other end, held the string. We waited for the old friendly wind.

Then it came, it came all the way from the North, and La Golondrina rode on it, flew above our heads, above the trees, above the grandstand and the chapel and the tall buildings, and up into the blue sky.

I saw Caniao at the back of my mind, its water full and flowing. Below is the meandering Banaoang River, and in the distance is the blue Cordillera. There is a familiar tree, on its branch sat a beautiful bird singing the song of La Golondrina. x x x


1. High in the sky at break of dawn I see the swallow fly
Above the world among the drifting clouds he flashes by
Beneath the caves his little mate is waiting
Beneath the leaves where all his treasures lie.

2. Ah, would that I were a swallow that flies through the sky,
On the wing, rejoicing, where all care flutters by,
So light and free, above the voice of the throng,
High up in the sky, where all the world's a song!

Song also known as the Mexican 'Home Sweet Home'.
Words, Walter Hirsch; Music, Narciso Serradell.

x x x

The Mystery Child, by AVRotor. All Rights Reserved

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skylrk77 said...

Antonio Rinopa, ex police, was also good in making kites. Is it Bansiong Pastor? How's your brother we fondly called Inyong? And how is Sr. Venny? I know you for sure. I was a boy when you were there during the wake of your Aya Bistra. And how is our town Mang 'Bercio? I am glad, nasarakak ti blogmo which I read. Thanks a lot.

By the way, Tata Inso Mata has a book about the successful sons and daughters of San Vicente. I am outside of the country. Manong, is there a way for you to enumerate the "Who Are Who" from our town? I am sure you are one of them. Again, Dios ti agngina.