Friday, August 28, 2009

Everyday Verses 1

Abe V Rotor

Capture the moment - carpe diem - with a verse, and add zest to living, bring joy and elevate the spirit.

Write your thoughts and ideas, your feelings and experiences. Take time to relax and to meditate. In a year's time you will have a Collection of Everyday Verses.

Here are some verses I wish to share all followers, well-wishers, commentators and inquirers of this blog.

My home, home from the plain -
Battle in work and wandering,
But a family to stand by, sharing
Joy and neither fear nor pain.

Kindness without honesty -
Honesty without kindness -
Peace the duo could harness -

Wall invisible to another,
Behind we refuse to be seen
Of what we are and what we've been -
Let us break it my brother.

A vessel holds water to its brim,
Unless bears a crack at its rim;
As men wish power in their dream
Even if they have lost steam.

A singular aspect we mustn't overlook;
Man from other creatures by having a soul
We call conscious intelligence in the book,
Everything not enough, even the sum of all.

Feelings we may fall short;
Repressed and the water burst,
Rising into waves or froth
Unless our anger dies first.

Denial to anger is its beginning,
If anger is provoked or prolonged
Into depression lost from bargaining -
Not enough, acceptance the saddest song.

Truth we seek, its bulk under;
Iceberg its tip isn't the danger;
Mum we are, inside is anger;
Silence sets us all asunder.

Spear, arrow and bow,
Machines before the plow;
A hunter's life he'd cease
To found a land of peace.

Truth hidden when not needed
May breed lies unheeded;
And wrong a mob embraces
Like a basket full of roses.

To change our ways, hold your peace;
In his dungeon Gandhi prayed at ease;
Bowed on a loom he wove the cloth,
Cloth for the naked, the flag - and both.

Gentle is life yourself you make,
Gentler it is you make for Him,
While life rushes down the stream,
Gentlest still for the young ones' sake.
~ ~ ~

Living with Nature, Volume 3. All Rights Reserved.

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