Monday, July 23, 2018

The making of an effective professor-researcher

Dr Abe V Rotor

Professor Rey Pedoche (Media), Dr Anselmo Cabigan (Biology and Agriculture), AVRotor
(Biology and Ecology), and Dr Manuel Martinez (Business and Psycvhology)

Here is a framework of a lecture on the subject, "What make an effective professor-researcher?" This serves as a guide to practitioners in the academe.

Ways of Researchers
  • Hook and Line
  • White Gown
  • “Frankenstein”
  • Entrepreneur
  • Continuing
Stages of a “Sageing”
  • The Age of Becoming (adventure and discovery)
  • The Age of Overcoming (mastery)
  • Age of the Forthcoming (Integrity and Harmony)
Risks and Rewards
  • Youth – Blunder, also Opportunity
  • Middle Age – Regret, also Fulfillment
  • Old Age – Curse, also Wisdom
The ABH (Always Busy and in a Hurry) Person
  • He is here and he is not here; anywhere but here.
  • Often unhappy with what he has, with where he is.
  • Imagines success, happiness and contentment to be external and distant
  • Not physically, emotionally and spiritually involved.
  • He is not living fully; he is Tomorrow’s Child.
The Control Freak
  • He wants to be in control in everything and everyone.
  • Deep inside he does not trust himself.
  • Very organized but always worried.
The Cheerful Robot
  • Afraid to take the initiative, drifts with the current
  • Creature of routine
  • Contented with mediocrity
Cynic (Frustrated Idealist)
  • Incurable critic
  • Always complaining
  • Envious and jealous
The Hoarder
  • He has insatiable want, forgetting what he truly needs.
  • He is trapped in the fear of losing what he has.
  • He needs to escape from the suffocating clutches of his possession
The Pleaser
  • His self-image relies on public approval (KSP)
  • He can’t say, NO without feeling guilty.
  • He overburdens himself with promises he can’t fulfill
The Pretender
  • He wears many masks he has forgotten his real face.
  • A jack of all trades, a master of none.
The Addict
  • He is excessively devoted to or burdened compulsively and habitually at something or someone.
  • He is obsessed with alcohol, smoking, sex, TV, computer, money, and car - even religion.
What a Professor-Researcher should have
  • Humility – sincerely accepting “who I am and what I am doing that I can, to become what God wants me to be.”
  • Simplicity – focusing one’s attention on what truly matters in life.
  • Integrity – (integer is whole) wholeness leads to holiness.
How to Live Life

1. Practice your religion. Religion is the most profound revolution.
  • Life is a journey (We pass this way but once.)
  • Life is beautiful (If you don’t see it, you will miss it.)
  • Life is precious (Don’t miss the happy moments.)
  • Life is short (If you don’t look around, you will miss it.)
  • Breath, rest, take time out (Sabbath Day, siesta and holiday)
2. Don’t sacrifice your family on the altar of your career

3. Be prepared to experience the Crises of Limit
  • Crucial periods and vulnerability
  • Know the boundaries, borders and confines
  • The Unfinished Business
  • The crisis of bodily change. The body never lies.
  • The crisis of effectiveness
  • The crisis of death awareness
4. Learn from great men and women. Here are some useful quotations.

“Everyday I am doing something beautiful to God.” - Mother Theresa

Totus tuus.” (Everything I do, I do for God.” - Pope John Paul II

“Don’t judge yourself with what you do, but the meaning of your work,” - Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven

Acknowledgment: Lecture presented by AV Rotor in a faculty seminar at the University of Perpetual Help Rizal, Graduate School in Arts and Education. This outline was gathered and organized from a seminar-workshop conducted in for the UST Graduate School professors by Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, current rector of the university. Note: I encourage the readers to write a full article based on this outline, and send a copy of the same for posting in this Blog, and for inclusion in the lessons of Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid.

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