Monday, July 2, 2018

: A DIVE INTO THE CORAL REEF (Children's Painting)

"If you love to paint the sea, you will remain always young and free." avr

Dr Abe V Rotor

Travelogue into the Coral Reef  Painting by Lyn 9 and JP Reyes 7, 2018 

Get your paintbrush and dive into the coral reef, 
the great forest of the sea;
Re-create through colors on canvas nature's gift
of biodiversity;
Edge of land, where the blue sky and sea meet,  
and man with the  Almighty..

Play the tune of the mermaids in the deep
to wake them up from their deep sleep, 
that we may meet them and know their secret,
and tell other children before they sleep.

The books talk of evolution through competition
of survival of the fittest;
Move over Darwin and Wallace, it's cooperation
and unity the ultimate test.

Fish don't talk, perhaps they are dumb;
or we can't hear them and understand;
For our worlds are apart - sea and land
yet just across transparent pane of sand. ~

Mirage - vision beyond any sense,
not to the eye or the range of a lens;
the sun peeps under a cloak of green,
something stirs seen and unseen.

Do fish ever sleep?
Yes, in their peaceful cove.
Oh, humans if we ever learn
where is that peace cove. ~

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