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Good health is the key to sexual vitality

It is important to keep always in mind that good health is the key to sexual vitality
Dr Abe V Rotor
Fresh eggs, whole wheat bread, brewed coffee (not decaffeinated) for breakfast - add a fruit or two, orange, pineapple or mango - make a wholesome breakfast. 

Aside from slowing down the aging process, Vitamin E adds zest to sex life. It prevents the oxidation of fatty acids which are important in the production of sex hormones. It is found in most of the vitamin-rich foods, but some people may still need Vitamin E supplement often marked tocopherols (Greek: to bring childbirth). Among the top Vitamin E rich foods are sweet potato (kamote), spinach or amaranth, squash and coconut oil. 

Another vitamin is Vitamin F, which is needed by the thyroid, adrenal and prostate glands. It promotes calcium absorption, buffers cholesterol, helps keep our hair and skin look healthy. Most of the vitamin-rich foods provide us with adequate Vitamin F. (Essential fatty acids (EFA's) are sometimes referred to as Vitamin F. It refers to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 essential fatty acid is found in raw nuts, seeds, legumes, while omega-3 essential fatty acid is found in fish.)

Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance? – William Shakespeare. 1532
It is important to keep always in mind that good health is the key to sexual vitality. Although it is highly recommended that we eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, it does not mean that the more we take them the more we are benefited by their nutrients and herbal values.

First, it is wise to think of certain herbs of their specific significance and the kind of illness we may be treating. There are herbs that are actually dilute forms of natural drugs, and not foods and dietary supplements. 

Second is that anything taken in excess is bad. It is but proper to take these herbs with moderation, and better still, with proper consultation. 

And third, avoid smoking. Smoking reduces life span to as much as 20 per cent, not considering the predisposition to smoking-related illnesses, principally lung cancer and heart attack, which may cut short a good life even before reaching middle age. 

Drugs, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and menthol are known to deaden the nerves in the long run. Medical reports point to them as culprits to many kinds of potency problems both in men and women.

It is also important to consider that we have to maximize the vitamins present in the food we eat. We must remember that heat destroys vitamins and other nutrients, for which reason, vegetables must not be overcooked. 

It is also well to know that alcohol, nicotine, drugs and coffee prevent the absorption of nutrients principally vitamins and minerals. This may develop in to a kind of malnutrition that may be taken for granted. Thus, people who abuse themselves with these substances suffer poor health and generally lead sedentary lives. 

It is also good to remember that even if we get the proper kind and amount of food, we must complement it with regular exercise and good rest, a positive disposition notwithstanding. 

And lastly, both physical and mental well-being is important to healthy sex. Many experts say that the greatest aphrodisiac is the human mind. ~
Sources of Vitramin E
“All mankind love a lover” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays

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