Wednesday, March 7, 2018

10 Verses: Seeing the Child in Us Today

"We see the child of yesterday
through a window today." avr

Dr Abe V. Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

1. How can the sun reach the hadal depth,
Where the world is cold, where love is dearth?
Hasn't someone a bit of sun long kept?

Beauty seen once may break many hearts,
That heal soon enough as the image departs.

3. Come, come and save the hearth.
A tenth of our brain is all we use
In a lifetime – the rest we save;
Yet spurs us to reach the stars,
Or drives us fast to our grave.

4. A vessel holds water to the brim,
Unless it bears a crack at its rim;
As men wish power in their dream
Even if they have lost their steam.

Baby Mackie at home

5. Brick wall, brick roof, brick stair,
Glisten in the rain, dull in the summer air.

6. Archetypes feed the memory
As the past is here to stay.
We see the child of yesterday
Through a window today.

7. Ephemeral and fleeting are the days of our lives,
When we do not watch the sun set and rise.

8. Convenience is like wings
Gliding on the wind’s will.
It is also not taking off
Until the wind is still.

9. From respite in summer fallow
The fields start a season anew.

10. He finds reason for living
Who sees a new beginning.~

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