Sunday, February 25, 2018

Self-Test for Hypochondria*

Self-Test for Hypochondria
Researched and organized by Dr Abe V Rotor

Generally we worry about our health at times, but there are some of us who fear of being ill, often so strong, that even when we are in good health, we find it hard to cope with our everyday life.

A hypochondriac is one who lives in fear of having a serious illness, despite medical tests that find nothing wrong about him or her, a somatic symptom disorder, also known as illness anxiety disorder, a condition also been known as hypochondria, or hypochondriasis.

Are you a hypochondriac? 

For each number, rate yourself  that best fits the way you feel.  Add up all scores.  The higher the total, the better the chances that you are a hypochondriac.   
1 - Not at all
2 -  Little bit
3 - Moderately
4 - Quite a bit 
5 - A great deal

1. Do you worry a lot about your health?

2. Do you think there is something seriously wrong with your body?

3. Is it hard for you to forget about yourself and to think about all sorts of other things?

4. If you feel ill and someone tells you that you are looking better, do you become annoyed?

5. Do you find that you are often aware of various things happening in your body?
6. Are you bothered by many pains and aches?

7. Are you afraid of illness?

8. Do you worry about your health more than most people do?

9. Do you get the feeling that people are not taking your illnesses seriously enough?

10. Is it hard for you to believe your doctor when he or she tells you there is nothing for you to worry about?

11. Do you often worry about the possibility that you have a serious illness?

12. If a disease is brought to your attention (through radio, TV, or newspapers or by someone you know), do you worry about getting it yourself?

13. Do you find that you are bothered by many different symptoms?

14. Do you often have the symptoms of a very serious disease?  
There are no hard-and-fast cutoffs in the Whiteley Index , but people who score between 32 and 55 are generally considered to be hypochondriacs, while those who score between 14 and 28 are generally considered not to be. These numbers are merely indications, however; people suffering from depression also often score high. The best way to find out for certain is to consult a sympathetic physician.
*Based on the Whiteley Index.The Whiteley Index is a widely used test to find hypochondria. As with all tests the result must be interpreted cautiously. A high score is an indication that you could profit from talking this over with your doctor.

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