Monday, February 5, 2018

Photography: Happy Faces, Pleasant Views

Learn outside the school to where Nature is the teacher,

the greatest teacher of all.
Dr Abe V Rotor
UST Arts and Letters Photography Review: Happy Faces, Pleasant Views

Floridablanca, Pampanga
Summer is vacation everyday,
and any time is spring;
autumn is just romantic
and winter - if any - is brief;
such is life the greatest art
for the young and happy heart.
Manaoag, Pangasinan
Mingle with the gods and angels under the sun
while childhood and innocence are one.
DZRB radio station, PIA Visayas Ave QC
Confidence and smile - they go on air, too;
invisible they are, yet have wings
that carry the spoken word
and melodious sound,
to the mind, heart and soul.
At home, Lagro QC
Capture in colors and hues,
light and shadow, object and views;
imagination, more than thought -
it is dream that you sought.
At home, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur
Real wealth in bounty and praise,
nature's gift of grace.
Mall of Asia, MM
Forever young - yes, you are,
as young as your heart and mind,
with things that make children
children and hold back the time.

A harvest of guyabano, at home Lagro QC
Remnant of bat or bird, fruits are sweeter;
such is man's fate by his lesser sense,
yet accepts it part of life and game
by competition and evolution.

Parks and Wildlife Center QC
Learn outside the school;
away from shop and mall,
to where Nature is the teacher
the greatest teacher of all.
Dr Anselmo S Cabigan, scientist and professor, with rare bamboo, Lipa Batangas
Teach in situ where Nature is,
where learning is at ease;
teach with wisdom of old,
and learners take what is told.
UST campus, Manila
Loitering is idleness in disguise;
it's keeping with one's pace, too;
for the mind hangs up sometimes,
like the computer, must reset anew.

Atop a guava tree, Floridablanca, Pampanga
Grownups deny childhood,
it comes spontaneously,
surreptitiously -
and innocently.
Anna, Mall of Asia MM
Oh, little brother, little sister,
tell me, who is who,
in the world of animae,
and that of grownups, too.
Anna with parakeets, Safari World, Bangkok Thailand
They come when they're hungry
by two or three;
they come when they like to play,
or seek company.
UST campus Manila
Photography the latest fad
subjects from real to toy;
in takes one into freedom
to find simple joy.
Coed, UST campus, Manila
It matters little if called Doña Aurora
or Doña Trining,
or mythical Medusa transformed;
she is the star shining. ~

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