Friday, January 19, 2018

In Search of a Career (Part 3); Twenty Personal Views and Perceptions about Career

In Search of a Career (Part 3); Twenty Personal Views and Perceptions about Career
Self-administered Test
(Please answer opposite each item either YES or NO. Please answer all. Neutral answer is not accepted.)

1. I won't know anything about an occupation until I start working

2 A career counselor can tell me which occupation to pick

3. I can't make a living from my hobby

4. If I don't find my passion, I'll never be happy

5. I should rely on "best careers" lists

6. Earning a lot of money will make me happy

7. Once I figure out what to do I will be stuck doing It forever

8. My skills will go to waste If I decide to change careers

9. My best friend's (or sibling's) dream career will be mine too

10. All I have to do Is choose a career... everything else will fall Into place

11. There is one perfect job for me.

12. My major is going to lead to my career.

13. I will have only one career in my lifetime.

14. Liberal Arts, Humanities and Science majors are usually unemployable after college

15. Most students know their major and career goals when they enter college.

16. If I wait long enough, luck will eventually bring me to the right career.

17. Most people have a solid understanding of careers and the world‐of‐work and if I don't, then I am the only one who is confused!

18. Career assessments will tell me exactly what career is right for me

19. I should choose an occupation based on my strongest skills

20. The best place for me to start looking for an occupation is where employers are doing lots of hiring right now.~

ANSWERS: These are all myths often encountered in the pursuit of a career, therefore, the answer to each item is NO. Go back to the first two parts of this article IN SEARCH OF A CAREER. Read more. Learn more about career. Review, realign, reflect. Above all, be yourself. ~

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