Sunday, January 7, 2018

Enigmatic, Ephemeral Mayfly

 Living Rainbow at Night
Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature School on Blog

Highly magnified Mayfly (Order Ephemeroptera). 
 Acknowledgement: Internet photo by Melvyn Yeo 2015

On a dreary night comes a friendly guest cloaked with rainbow, circles my table lamp and alights on a book I am reading;

It seems to tell me of many things in life I don't know or haven't experienced, things more that the book can tell, questions reasons alone cannot answer; 

On its two pairs of wings I read some pages of natural history and mythology, see them as cyber screen of strange scenery; 

How beautiful you are.  And she looks sad.  Compliment and flatter I know have 
each a place. I repeat my praise.  She is silent;

Beauty - real beauty doesn't last, I know.  It is ephemeral - it's but for a day.  That's what she gets her name and order - Ephemeroptera;

Then beauty is abandon else it will go to waste. Swarming for a mate, egg laying in a flash, displaying a kalaeidoscopic dress her last;

Then she dies, and the night once more is dark but no longer dreary, the book closes.
The rainbow joins the stars in sweet silence. ~

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