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Black-and-white photography lives on.

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Students taking up photography, photojournalism, humanities, and related subjects will find these photographs valuable in appreciating black-and-white photography, reviving the first and original technique since the prototype photograph was made, surviving more than a century to the present. (Note: Sepia creates the brownish effects on some photos, a method of fixing and preservation B&W photographs.)

Part 1 - Assignment for my classes in photography (UST Arts and Letters): Write a paragraph or a verse (or both) for each of five photos of your choice. Print individually with the appropriate explanation and impression. Critique both the message (concept and idea) and the technical aspect (based on the elements of photography). Compile in a folder and submit.

Part 2 - Convert color photos into Black-and-White.  Choose five (5) of your own photos (original) and convert them using your computer's Adobe photo editing program. Show original photos for comparison.  Do the same with the converted photos as in the first part. (See samples below)

Acknowledgment: Photos above are
award winning photographs, Canon Photo Contest '96

Part 2  Examples Photos by Dr Abe V Rotor

Balete Tree on Mt Makiling, Laguna

Kalumpang Tree, Tandang Sora, QC

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