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Genuine versus imitation brands of apparels compared

Is there any difference? Consumers' view.
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As part of modern living apparel products cater to both adults and children in a wide variety of makes and brands. It takes a clinical eye to identify the genuine from the imitation brands.

Genuine versus imitation brands of apparels compared - Is there any difference?
The answer is yes. Consumers still look for the quality and reliability of genuine brands. But they also go for other brands and have a wide choice on from various kinds and sources.

With the proliferation of imitation brands, new brands, and custom made brands - not to mention seconds or ukay-ukay, people have become practical and less discerning.

Companies that are manufacturing genuine apparel goods - RTWs, dresses, shirts, etc - may be losing many of their patrons and the opportunity of getting potential customers. They however retain the confidence of customers on their products particularly on the aspects of quality and reliability.

A total of 150 consumers from different malls in Metro Manila were interviewed as to their buying behavior of apparel goods given the presence of imitation products. While they favor genuine brands, they are generally satisfied with imitation and other brands, manily for two reasons: affordability and availability. These are the criteria used in buying apparel goods, whether genuine or imitation.

1. Durability
2. Price
3. Comfort
4. Quality
5. Weight
6. Ease in repair
7. Precise size
8. Offer various sizes
9. Desirability
10. Reliability

NOTE: The study was confined to mall goers, so that a similar study is recommended for other groups and specific sectors like students, workers, and the like. The criteria used in this study are recommended as general guide in buying apparel goods, and other goods for that matter.

Source: Consumers' Attitudes and Responses to Genuine and Imitation Apparel Products, MBA thesis of Annaliza Advincula, University of Santo Tomas Graduate School, 2008.

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