Monday, January 12, 2015

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Try this "Sketch to Sleep" Technique

The greatest power of all is peace of mind. 
Dr Abe V Rotor
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This sketch lulled me to a good siesta. I felt recharged the
rest of the day.
Sketch with half closed eyes, relaxed shoulders:
Pencil in easy slant, natural, spontaneous;
just let go your thoughts of a favorite scene,
recreate it from experience and impressions,
in privacy sans company, care and noise.

Imagine as window the whole sketch paper,
through it the scene reveals slowly near and far,
one side to the other stopping at the center -
the central theme, the message, the star.

Let your lines to all directions, in repetition,
or reverse, concentric, asymmetric or about,
seeking other lines in angles and parallels,
massing, thinning, crossing, fading out.

Where is the secret of sleep, you may ask?
Not the art, not the subject and 
rules to bind;
but the leisure, pleasance and surrender
to the greatest power of all - peace of mind. ~

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