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Food Processing Series 1: How to Make Smoked Fish "Tinapa" at Home

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Fish is the principal source of protein of Filipinos. Besides having 7,000 islands, the Philippines has a total coastline twice that of the United States. And the islands enjoy two seasons favorable to fishing all year round, unlike in countries where there is winter. When fish comes in abundance, take advantage by processing them for longer shelf life and as a source of livelihood.  But first, try it at home.  Here is a simple way as illustrated in a “Techno flyer” by DOST.  

Tamban, sardine, silinyasi, tunsoy (Ingles: herring o sardine - Clupea alba.  (There are three popular species).  Smoked tamban and galunggong are an important food of Asians and Pacific islanders. Tamban run in Sabah as thousands jump into land such as this scene.  

 Galunggong or round scad or blue fin mackerel (Decapterus macrosoma): fresh, canned, and smoked. 
Make Smoked Fish "Tinapa" at Home 
Raw Materials: tamban or galunggong - 1 kg; salt 
Utensils: kitchen knife, smoking trays tin cans 

Lesson followup:
Lesson follow-up:

1. Use only fresh fish.  There's a saying, "garbage in, garbage out."
2. Attend food processing classes offered by DOST, state colleges and universities, and HRM schools.  
3. The test of skill is in the quality of the product. But it does not end here.  Translate your acquired skills into business enterprise.
4. Make your project a business enterprise. ~

Acknowledgement: Science and Technology Information Institute
Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Bicutan, Taguig MM;                     TRC, Internet

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