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Food Processing series 2: How to Make Mango Jam at Home

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Mango (Mangifera indica L) Family Anacardiaceae, is perhaps the most common fruit in the world, surpassing pineapple and apple. During peak season mangoes virtually litter the ground.  Such waste can be converted into mango jam, mango puree, dried mangoes, and other processed products including mango wine and vinegar.

Our lesson is how to make mango jam at home. It is a good sandwich spread. It may be taken as dessert. The shelf life outside of the refrigerator may extend up to six months.    

Mango scenes, favorite subject of Fernando Amorsolo, Philippine national artist. 

Bountiful harvest: a bunch of green mangoes in the tree, ripe mangoes in a market stall in Manaoag, Pangasinan. Fruit at the foreground is chico. 

  How to Make Mango Jam at Home 

Raw materials: Ripe Mangoes, sugar
Utensils: Stainless steel knife, cup, spoon, coarse sieve, bowl, heavy aluminum pan, wooden spoon, glass jars. 

Wash mangoes thoroughly in running water; cut inmto halves and scoop out pulp and pass it through a coarse sieve.
Measure pulp and add sugar.  For every 2 cups of mango pulp. add 1 cup of sugar. Cook in a heavy aluminum pan.  Stir constantly with a wooden spoon until thick enough to be spooned out.   

Pack in warm sterile jars while hot and seal 

Lesson follow-up:

1. Use only well ripe fruits. Discard overripe and damaged ones. There's a saying, "garbage in, garbage out."
2. Attend food processing classes offered by DOST, state colleges and universities, and HRM schools.  
3. The test of skill is in the quality of the product. But it does not end here.  Translate your acquired skills into a business enterprise.
4. Make your project a business enterprise. ~

Acknowledgement: Science and Technology Information Institute
Department of Science and Technology (DOST)
                                         Bicutan, Taguig MM;
                                        TRC, Internet

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