Friday, August 22, 2014

Requiem to a Mural: Heavenward Seven Doves Fly

"State of disrepair, this mural on the wall
speaks of human frailty, and eventual fall."

Dr Abe V Rotor
Wall Murals and Poems by Dr AV Rotor
St. Paul University Quezon City

Seven Doves Flying Heavenward, wall mural by AVR 

Seven these doves are, flying heavenward,
       in victory formation rising,
rising above the water, above the clouds,
       rising to heaven, rising. 

Seven these doves are, reciting the chapters
       of history, each one reciting,
reciting the rise and fall of power on earth,
       reciting the fallen man, reciting.

Seven these doves are, redeeming the faith
       of the fallen redeeming;
redeeming the grandeur and the glory of man,
       redeeming in heaven, redeeming. ~

State of disrepair, this mural on the wall
speaks of human frailty and eventual fall.

The Watchful Owl, symbol of knowledge; Life in the Burrow. Wall murals by the    
the author and children – Marlo, Anna and Carlo, ca. 2002.  St Paul University QC
These two murals are also in a state of irreversible disrepair. 
Details are fading, each and all,
    fading like the setting sun, 
every creature, big and small,
    vanishing until there's none.

So with hope, and so with faith,
    holed in idleness and ease;
lo! the open gate will not wait,
    in make-believe truth and peace. ~

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