Friday, August 1, 2014

Fantasy Art for Children

"Fireworks in the sky, what a sight! 
   Like a thousand fairies in the night."
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Calendar art may die and be forgotten in time.  But to many people, calendar art lives on in the imagination of children. Such is the art of "Fuji" in an old calendar. With the diverging trends in art today, I found Fuji's paintings beautifully modern with the ambiance of old and new converging harmoniously. Color beams with light, and light spills into aura or shadow or over a river flowing and sky delightfully exploding. 

Children love this kind of paintings, the subject being children with whom they identify themselves.  It is as if they are in the painting, or they are performing on stage. They dance, they marvel at fireworks, they catch butterflies and fireflies, climb a stairway to the stars. And for the grownups, they simply wish they can be as happy as children - again. 

So tame the bonfire rises into the sky
to court the stars and moon to come down;
round and around all night they go
with songs and laughter through.
A magic tree a giant fan reflecting on a lake
beneath a herd of horses playground;
the north star shines like compass in the sky
from faraway young riders are bound. 
 Catching butterflies along a stream
silvery in the morning sun;
and flowing down with their dream
and laughter and forever fun. 
 Flowers and butterflies, 
and a stairway to the stars;
a wise fox on the guard
for children never sleep.   
Fireworks in the sky, what a sight! 
Like a thousand fairies in the night.

Acknowledgement: Calendar courtesy of former Senator Butz Aquino, art lover and long time boss and friend. 

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