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A Portfolio pf Superstitious Beliefs (Part 2) Beware of Friday the 13th, you might meet an accident.

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Friday the 13th movie.

21. Don’t carry a load heavier than your weight, otherwise you will become impotent.

22. When you step on a crack, you will suffer back pain.

23. Taking a bath immediately after ironing clothes will make you sick of leprosy.

24. If a pregnant woman eats eggs, her child will be born blind.

25. Full moon causes abnormal behavior. People who are affected by this belief are called lunatics.

26. Beware of Friday the 13th, you might meet an accident.

27. No two siblings should marry within the same year, otherwise their marriages will not be successful.

28. When someone gives you a footwear as a gift, be sure to pay him any amount in order to break the omen that you will be “kicked” or pushed around.

29. When the pregnant wife skips or walks over (laktawan) her husband, the husband will bear the burden of paglilihi (maternal impression).

30. When a fighting cock yawns it is likely to lose.

31. If you want a person to be sad and to cry often, give him or her a handkerchief as a gift.

32. Schedule weddings when the moon is at its fullest.

33. One who is about to be wed must remain at home to avoid accident.

34. Avoid having your feet pointed at the door while sleeping.

35. When building a house, be sure that the gate faces sunrise, so that the residents will be happy and healthy.

36. Prepare rice cake like suman and tikoy on New Year so that good luck will stick around.

37. When planting be sure your stomach is full, so that you will get good harvest.

38. A girl, who is fond of sitting (or standing) by the window will elope someday. 

     Girl by the Window, oil painting by Salvador Dali)

39. If you accidentally break a glass or china, get a similar one and break it, otherwise bad luck will haunt you.

40. Breaking a mirror means “seven years itch.”


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