Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Impressionistic Paintings (Part 2)

Impressionistic Paintings (Part 2)
Paintings by Dr Abe V Rotor
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Birds (16" 28") 2012

Search them from their songs in the trees
reverberating in the foliage of their shield;
deep in camouflage they test your skill 
if you can conquer them in their field.  

Nesting Fish (11" x 14") 2012

Lurking or hiding the monster waits
its eyes the measure of its strength;
 to the bold it's but a feigning show,
wanting both of breadth and length.   
Bugs (11" x 14") 2012 
Here's a colony of aphids and ants
living in symbiosis;
each can not live without the other 
in a world of crisis.
Bullfight (13" 24") 2013
Where is beast, where is human,
when raw and brutal the contest;
I only hear but thunderous roar,
the bench faceless, nameless. 

Eyes, Eyes (12" 24") 2013

It's a blob, no form or shape to the eye,
 its essence of its survival;
It's asymmetry the secret of its evolution 
shapeless, bare and oval. 
Autumn Bloom (22" x 22") 2013

More beautiful you are when you fall
from up high;
in death like a dying candle glows 
its last sigh. 
Big Bang (19" x 23") 2012

Tell me if this is your first or your last,
if life is but this scene  -
its beginning and also its end,
or its cycle in between.

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