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Make your own Calcium Supplement from chicken eggshell.

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Many people may not be aware that lack of Calcium is the main cause of poor bone and teeth condition, and may be the root cause of poor muscle tone and coordination of the nervous system. 

It is because Calcium nourishes our bone, teeth, muscles, and the nervous system. It is also important in the proper functioning of our various organs and tissues, and responsible in clotting of blood when we are wounded.

Getting enough Calcium is the best way to prevent steoporosis, a condition prevalent in older people, characterized by the thinning of the bone. Patients are not only predisposed to brittleness of the bone, but find it difficult for broken bones to heal.

A research team headed by Professor Eduard Quinto of UST College of Science discovered a practical source of Calcium supplement extracted from the shell of table eggs which the group presented in the the last convention of the Biology Teachers Association (BIOTA) at UST.

Here are the step in extracting and preparing calcium from eggshell.

· 1. Collect egg shells and wash clean

· 2. Dissolve egg shells in dilute 10% Hydrochloric Acid. Take note of the carbon dioxide bubbling.
· 3. Precipitate the calcium as calcium carbonate by adding 30% sodium carbonate solution until pH is 7.0.

· 4. Collect the cloudy liquid in a tall graduated cylinder.

· 5. Let the calcium carbonate precipitate to settle down which takes place in approximately in half an hour.

· 6. Decant the sodium chloride solution by product.

  7. Collect the wet calcium carbonate suspension in a dish and dry in an oven at temperature of 80 C to 100 C.

· This is now the pure precipitated calcium carbonate powder.
According to Prof. Quinto the purity of the product derived through this process is assured and that no bacterial contamination is possible. Unlike the conventional method. Which is by burning of calcium-rich materials like mollusk shell and corals, this method preserves the natural condition of the Calcium because there is no burning involved.
Advantage of Powder Calcium Carbonate
1. It can exist as white, fine powder

2. Highly insoluble in water

3. Odorless and Tasteless in small amounts

4. Easily blends with water

Methods of Extracting CaCO from Egg Shell

1. Physical Process – Powdering of Egg Shell by Pounding as in a mortar and pestle.
Problems: Impure Calcium Carbonate, High Probability of Bacterial specifically Salmonella contamination, maybe difficult to digest and absorb due to collagen binder.

2. Chemical Treatment
a. Heating in a furnace causing decomposition of calcium carbonate
     Egg Shell CaO + CO
     Heating Energy can come from combustion, CaO needs to be converted to
     calcium carbonate

b. Precipitation as Pure Calcium Carbonate

     Egg Shell + HCI CaCl + H CO
     CaCl + Na CO CaCO + 2NaClProcess of Calcium Absorption in the Human Body 

Calcium carbonate taken in is dissolved in the gastric juice which contains hydrochloric acid. Dissolved calcium exisst as calcium ions which are readily absorbed by the intestinal tract.
Foods that can be fortified with calcium

  1. Milk Powder
  2. Pancit Canton and Soup Noodles
  3. Rice and Rice Products
  4. Bread and Cakes
  5. Desserts like Leche Flan, Ice Cream, Candies etc.
  6. Snacks like cereals, crackers
  7. Milk and Chocolate Drinks
Remember always whenever we prepare and serve food, “Is Calcium sufficient to meet our body needs and our health?”

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