Monday, June 24, 2013

Part 1: Aim at Excellence - 12 Tips

Dr Abe V Rotor
Aim at excellence, put you best foot forward. NFA conference, Cebu 2013

1. Success does not come easily; you must be willing to pay the price.
2. Don't repeat your mistakes; learn from them and take another approach.
3. Mend broken relationships, the sooner the better. You will achieve more in a pleasant company. 
4. Congratulate your peers for their accomplishments. And don't forget to thank your spouse for his or her help and support. 

5. Check your grooming on the mirror, practice your piece, and stop in the bathroom for final check before you meet your audience.

6. Be concerned when or lose or fail, just don't give up - never feel defeated.

7. SLT (Stop, Look, Listen)  before you respond; and before making a decision, repeat this motto, and pause.

8. Invest your time in learning, not just training; but know what priorities you wish to learn.  

9. Take time to shapen your saw, so to peak.

10.Keep sharpening your ommunication skills. Proofread outgoing communications, manuscripts for publication on paper, or the Internet - even simple text mesages on your cell phone. 

11. Never settle for mediocrity, aim at excellence.

12. Silence is a necessity.  Practice daily silence alone - to think, to relax, and most importantly - to pray.

Reference: The Book of Excellence by Byrd Baggett, 1990 Rutledge Hill Press, Nashville Tennessee. 

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