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UST-AB Assignment: The Teacher-Researcher

Dr. Abe V. Rotor

 Lecture Outline on Research for 3CA1 and 3CA3, Ust Faculty of Arts and Letters
 February 18, 2013 Monday (3CA1 3 to 6 pm ; February 22, 2013, Friday 3CA3 9 to 12)

Paaralng Bayan sa Himpapawid with Ms Mely C Tenorio, 738 DZRB AM, 8 to 9 Evening Class, Monday to Friday (Phase II 2006 to present)
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Fallen cross on a belfry ruin, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

 It's a kids' world: bamboo poles and Palm Sunday palaspas for sale. 
 Quaintness of living has gone too far .
 AWays of Researchers

  • ·       Hook and Line
  • ·       White Gown
  • ·       “Frankenstein”
  • ·       Entrepreneur
  • ·       Continuing
B. Stages of a “Sageing”

  • ·       The Age of Becoming (adventure and discovery)
  • ·       The Age of Overcoming (mastery)
  • ·       Age of the Forthcoming (Integrity and Harmony)

  •         Youth – Blunder, also Opportunity
  •         Middle Age – Regret, also Fulfillment
  •         Old Age – Curse, also Wisdom
C.The ABH (Always Busy and in a Hurry) Person

  • ·       He is here and he is not here; anywhere but here.
  • ·       Often unhappy with what he has, with where he is.
  • ·       Imagines success, happiness and contentment to be external and distant
  • ·       Not physically, emotionally and spiritually involved.
  • ·       He is not living fully; he is Tomorrow’s Child.
D. The Control Freak

  • ·       He wants to be in control in everything and everyone.
  • ·       Deep inside he does not trust himself.
  • ·       Very organized but always worried.
  E. The Cheerful Robot

  • ·       Afraid to take the initiative, drifts with the current
  • ·       Creature of routine
  • ·       Contented with mediocrity
  F. Cynic (Frustrated Idealist)

  • ·       Incurable critic
  • ·       Always complaining
  • ·       Envious and jealous
  G. The Hoarder

  • ·       He has insatiable want, forgetting what he truly needs. (Bill Gates)
  • ·       He is trapped in the fear of losing what he has.
  • ·       He needs to escape from the suffocating clutches of his possession
 H. The Pleaser

  • ·       His self-image relies on public approval (KSP)
  • ·       He can’t say, NO without feeling guilty.
  • ·       He overburdens himself with promises he can’t fulfill
I. The Pretender

  • ·       He wears many masks he has forgotten his real face.
  • ·       A jack of all trades, a master of none.
 J. The Addict

  • ·       He is excessively devoted to or burdened compulsively and habitually at something or someone.
·   Begging for a seat in school  painting unknown   

  •      He is obsessed with alcohol, smoking, sex, TV, computer, money, and car - even religion.
  K. What a Professor Researcher should have

  • ·       Humility – sincerely accepting “who I am and what I am doing that I can, to become what God wants me to be.”
  • ·       Simplicity – focusing one’s attention on what truly matters in life.
  • ·       Integrity – (integer is whole) wholeness leads to holiness.
 L. How to Live Life
1.  Practice your religion.  Religion is the most profound revolution.

  • ·       Life is a journey.
  • ·       Life is beautiful.
(If you don’t see it, you will miss it.)

  • ·       Life is precious
(Don’t miss the happy moments.)

  • ·       Life is short
(If you don’t look around, you will miss it.)

  • ·       Breath, rest, take time out
(Sabbath Day, siesta and holiday)

2. Don’t sacrifice your family on the altar of your career

      3. Be prepared to experience the Crises of Limit

  • ·       Crucial periods and vulnerability
  • ·       Know the boundaries, borders and confines
  • ·       The Unfinished Business
  • ·       The crisis of bodily change. The body never lies.
  • ·       The crisis of effectiveness
  • ·       The crisis of death awareness
“Everyday I am doing something beautiful to God.”  - Mother Theresa
Totus tuus.” (Everything I do, I do for God.)   - Pope John Paul II
“Don’t judge yourself with what you do, but the meaning of your work,”  - Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven.

Reference: Lecture of by Rev Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, former rector, UST in a Seminar-workshop for the Graduate School faculty, 2009. 
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