Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Universal Prayer of Fr. James Reuter SJ

Tribute to Fr James Reuter SJ (1916-2012)

Top photo: Fr Reuter (seated) in a con-celebrated mass at St Paul University chapel in QC on the occasion of his 94th birthday. Lower photo: Fr Reuter with friends after the ceremony.

Fr Reuter is the spiritual adviser of countless young Filipinos for a span of over two generations. Other than schools and community centers, his influence permeates into the realm of media, imbuing the essence of social justice, spirituality and dignity, as head of the Catholic Mass Media Center. His views are respected by leaders in government, as well as in various sectors of society.

He is author of several books, producer and director of plays on stage and screen which gained national and international fame, journalist, professor, educator.
 Fr Reuter is very much loved in marginal communities - the children under the bridge, the abandoned - children or the aged. He founded the Our Lady of Peace Foundation which today operates a hospital for the poor, school, health centers, and livelihood centers. He was accorded the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award, the equivalence of Nobel Award in this part of the globe. 
This prayer was read in a tribute to Fr James Reuter at SPUQC in October 2010.

Lord God,

Look down upon us, this day, this hour,
Regardless of what has gone before,
or what will come later,
Give us the grace to consecrate this time
entirely to You -
all the actions of our body and soul.
May all the thoughts that come to us be true.
May all the things to which our hearts go out,
be beautiful, with the beauty of God.
May all the things we want be good.
Give us the light to see Your will,
the grace to have it,
and the courage and strength to do it.
We ask you this through Christ Our Lord.


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