Monday, January 28, 2013

12 Reasons I love to paint landscapes

Dr Abe V Rotor
 Mural, Light through the Woods, 2010
 Mural, Convergence of Nature 2010
 A thing of beauty is a boy forever 2008
                                        Mural detail, Whispering Stream (2006)
Detail of hanging mural, Dumaguete Seaport in the early nineties, 2000
Living along a stream, 2008; Old lighthouse mural detail, circa 1995; 
Silence of the Pond; wall mural, Upland, author's residence 2002 
Old Stone House, 1969; mural detail Sunken Pier 2005
Arial View of Hills and Streams on the Cordillera 
Rampage (2008)
 Mural detail, Coral Reef, 2000
 Mural detail St Paul College WWII (2000); DLSU-Dasmariñas campus (2003)
A forest of fire trees (2009)
Mural Forest Stream, author's residence 2007

1. I love to paint landscapes; it opens before me the biggest stage, the biggest screen,  the widest view of the world, combining the land, the water and the sky in unity and harmony. 

2. I love to paint landscapes; it takes me to the world of imagery where reality and fantasy blend into a unique beauty that exists in neither realm. 

3. I love to paint landscapes; it presents the original creation in its pristine state developed through millions of years by Nature's hand.   

4. I love to paint landscapes; it records the marks of man's society on the environment, altering it in pursuit of his dreams, economics, arts, ideology and belief.  

5. I love to paint landscapes to catch the march of seasons in thousand-and-one  wonderful scenes in repeated cycles in a lifetime, and beyond.

6. I love to paint landscapes not only their expressions in colors, forms and figures, but the breadth and depth they lead the imagination into - scenarios breathtaking, grandiose and mysterious. 

7. I love to paint landscapes; it takes me away from the boredom of living; it gives me respite from work, cares and worries of life; at the end, find enlightenment, joy and freedom. 

8. I love to paint landscapes, the macrocosm of our detailed world, the wholeness of creation, and the synergy that keeps the world in a state of dynamic balance. 

9. I love to paint landscapes; it is turning back the hands of time, tracing the stages through which our world has undergone in scenarios built by imagination and guided by age-old wisdom and modern-day discovery.  

10. I love to paint landscapes; it reveals a secret garden that man has long sought for, since the time his forebears were forever banished from a famed paradise.   

11. I love to paint landscapes to re-create that lost Eden on canvas, make-believe as it may seem, yet emanates from the human spirit that expresses love and reverence to the Creator.

12.  I love to paint landscapes; I am dwarfed by the mountains, the sea, the sky; minuscule I am to their immensity, humbly I submit myself to the Omnipotence and the reason He made them for me and mankind.~ 

Wall mural, Tropical Rainforest 2000

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