Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bringing up smart kids

Bringing up smart kids
Dr Abe V Rotor
 Give them early education, but don't push them too hard. Don't expect your kids to bring home stars everyday. 
 Bonding reinforces self-confidence.  Don't allow your kids to become loners, however intelligent they are.
 Surprise, surprise! This is a result of curiosity.  Your kids may discover things which to us are common and  familiar.  
 Enjoy the seasons, particularly summer - vacation and time for hobbies and learning skills like making kites and flying them. 
 Home gardening is a healthy and educational workshop.  It translates to real what they read in books.  They learn early in life how nature works, acquiring in the process values of work, appreciation and cooperation.    
 Community work such as Clean and Green, wall mural competition, and the like, develop values and skills in the arts, discovering and honing their talents. 
Live, play, enjoy nature to develop natural immunity and resistance, awe and wonder of creation, and integration with the kids in the community, particularly on the grassroots. 
Parents become children too, to be understood by their children. Join them in parties, outings, school activities, games, and whatever interests them  
Aesthetics leads to appreciation of things beautiful and adorable, develops social intelligence.  Let them become angels, princesses, flower girls,stage actors and actresses. 
Learning things older people do - why not? Saling pusa, that's how we encourage prodigy, particularly in the arts.  Expression of talents does not always keep with chronology.  
Computer literary is important, but parental guidance is needed for balanced programming and moderation.  Balance your kids' time and study, indoor and outdoor life. Remember the "magic box" has no feeling at all - iut's like a robot. 
Breastfeeding, weaning on time, early training.  Don't pamper your kids by babying them too long.  Don't let them fall into the tender trap of consumerism. Parents, specially the mother, are your kids first teachers. 
Leisure.  Give your children regular break from school, assignments, household chores.  Let them enjoy weekends with the family in the park or countryside.  
Teach your kids to conquer fear, to develop natural resistance, to have confidence in you are parents or guardians.  
Faith and spirituality, above  religiosity, is what kids need as they grow.  This is very important foundation in their adult life.   
 There is no substitute to outdoor adventure.  Take your kids to nature regulalrly. Teach them the needed skills lik swimming, hunting, fishing, boating, etc.
 Tradition and culture must preserve with your kids, such as indigenous games and sports as those shown in this mural (Philippine Children's Hospital lobby, Diliman QC) 
 Art workshop. Encourage your kids to participate.  It is a wholesome way to spend summer. (National library, and Museo ng Maynila, respectively)
If your kid is exceptionally talented, be his talent scout. Exhibit his work.  Accompany him to competitions.  

 Take your kids to the museum.  The museum is a capsule of history, events, arts - space and time. 

 Make-believe once in a while. Masks make them feel different, they learn what it means to be not themselves. 
 Pets are a must to kids.  They teach them a lot of lessons.  Loving often starts with pets.

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