Sunday, June 3, 2012

Song for the Birds

Abe V Rotor

Upper photo, Msgr Benjamin F Advincula (2nd front) receives from author and painter (center in tie) in the presence of archdiocesan members,August 4, 2012 at Roxas City. Author expresses utmost gratitude to Rt Rev Msgr Vicente F Hilata, Mgsr Melencio Bartolo, Fr. Victor Bendico, Fr. Regie Pampos, Fr. Freddie Billanes, Fr Tom Buensalido, Fr Eriberto Buenafe, fr John Alston Azarcon, et al; and special thanks for the beautiful banner at the seminary, and for the hospitality of the parish household, and the whole archdiocese.       

 Song for the Birds 

Make me an artist to capture this ephemeral sight,
The colors of the rainbow fading into the sunset;
From where you came, to this little stream I imagine,
This bastion of your feathered kind from what it had been.

Make me a teacher that I may understand your language,
Your cheerful songs from your cries, that I may gauge
The difference of knowledge from school, and that of life,
Joy and sorrow, love and care, leisure and strife.

Make me a man, the forgotten child many years ago,
Long lost searching for the truth, from what I know,
That I may be worthy of my role in passing review,
To come down from Mount Olympus to your rescue.

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