Saturday, December 4, 2010

Amazing Lilies

Abe V Rotor

When the world is down and one looks up to heaven,
Many hands, big and small, raise the lily flowers high;
When the path is thorny and rough and uncertain,
Flowering lilies near and far take away your sigh.

And when the summer sun torches the earth dry,
Lilies bloom while other creatures go to sleep,
In pure delight offer the world in war and grief,
Hope and peace, and comfort for those who weep. ~

White lily (Fleur de liz), emblem of Saint Paul of Chartres congregation

Spider Lily

Fleur de Liz orange lily

Lilies and Onions

All the world in two faces can be glee;

One loves bulbs, the other loves flowers,
And onions and lilies though in one family.
Are raised by different growers.

Lies in one the secret of strength,
The other reverence and beauty;
To one a natural source of health,
The other the symbol of frailty.

Yet Nature keeps balance in duality;
For he who works and he who prays
Are both received in the same dignity
Deserving of the Divine Grace. ~


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