Saturday, October 2, 2010

Part 2: Allergy-Free Stress Busters

Dr Abe V Rotor

After a hard day's work comes a spent feeling creeping in. Then in the following morning we find ourselves in discomfort with running nose, headache, body ache, elevated blood pressure, or any other symptom we can't describe.

It is because stress and tension drain us not only of energy. They also reduce our natural resistance to allergy. Those prone to allergy are the victims of the daily grind. Even those who are unaware of it begin to suspect there's something wrong with their health. True. Allergy resistance may soon give in to a particular cause. Like other assets, body resistance is lost when we don't use it well. Misuse and overuse lead to abuse, and by not using it (unuse) leads to lethargy.

The key to allergy control is avoidance of the cause (cause-and-effect method). This time we deal with allergy with resistance building by modifying our lifestyle, and elevating our consciousness on a plane of enjoyment and fulfillment with a sense of meaning in our lives. Allergy-control can be achieved through our hobbies and social commitments, personality development, and the like. These may be among the less popular medical approaches. But for many doctors today, here are their recommendations.

  • Social Involvement (clubs, parties)
  • The Humanities (drawing, singing, drama)
  • Meditation (prayer, communion with nature)
  • Humor Therapy (healthy laugh)
  • Proper grooming.
  • Guided Visualization (imagination)
  • Biofeedback (internal memo)
  • Cognitive Reframing (handling an experience)
  • Hypnosis (hypnotherapy)
  • Journaling (diary, autobiography, literary)
  • Massage, sauna
  • Yoga, Tai-chi
  • Walk in the park.

When you feel down remember your favorite things. Your hobbies. Personal collections. Have you forgotten them? Birthdays, anniversaries, homecoming, fiestas - they buoy that sagging spirit. Come on, get out of bed or that lounging chair.

Take a break. Spend the weekend well, take a rest - a vacation. Follow Nature's trail, camp with the family away from the city, from your workplace. Make a kite and fly it too. Cast your fishing rod. Even with a small catch, you shall have caught the biggest fish - good heath, happy family, bright outlook in life.

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