Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rice cake: Suman et al
Abe V Rotor



Gift of Ceres to our land
in paddies golden in the sun;
manna at par with any kind,
for the young and folks around -
in celebration or just for fun -
life's without the suman.

All ingredients are local farm products: coconut, red sugar, and wrappings of banana leaves. Patupat basket is made of coconut leaves, suman sa ibo is wrapped with buri leaves. Even the bila-o is made of woven bamboo and rattan. It is associated with farm life. such as milling of sugar cane, harvesting rice, and on such social occasions like harana (serenade), fiesta, or just a simple celebration. The quaintness that goes with these delicacies creates a festive atmosphere that is part of our cultural heritage.

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