Friday, March 26, 2010

I wonder why herons hide their nest.

Herons are migratory birds flying over great distance from their abode. Their arrival by the flock signals the start of the monsoon season. They frequent ricefields feeding on frogs, insects, and other living organisms. Their association with carabaos and cattle creates a romantic ambiance that has inspired artists to paint and write stories about these enigmatic creatures.

Abe V Rotor

Why do herons hide their nest?
Where on earth is their home?
I stalked through the thorny test
Where the white feathered roam -

Hushing away the unseen,
Deity, the fanged or quagmire;
I became part of the scene,
A drama of life to admire.

As the birds basked in the noon sun
In regal poise and dainty movement,
I moved for the kill, a lens on hand
To freeze the precious moment.

But lo! A loud crack filled the air
Driving the birds away from their rest;
My story now untold - but who would care?
Wonder why herons hide their nest.

Living with Nature 3, AVR

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