Thursday, July 16, 2009

Part 1. "Converse with Verse"

Abe V Rotor
Romance is in the air. A pair of Cotton Stainer
(Dysdercus megalopigus) in early spring.

1. Ode to a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
My pet, in a sudden turnabout
went wild, its good nature gone!
This weird creature was born out
of the genius and madness of man.

2. It doesn't matter if our planet is green or blue
from outer space or from a hungry soul
living on a morsel, holding an empty bowl,
while images of bounty are virtually true.

3. Corrupting is civilization to mankind;
better was life the Noble Savage lived
in the Garden of Eden we've long envied -
sans want, sans war, sans evil of any kind.

4. Denial to anger is just the beginning,
if anger is provoked and prolonged
into depression lost from bargaining -
not enough, acceptance the saddest song.

5. Flow from the hills, follow the herons fly,
laugh with the brook and feed my soul;
fill the lake to mirror the land and sky
before you burst into waterfall.

6. Break from the cold wall and go free,
but before you reach your destiny,
bring down the sky before the rainbow
and wash the furrow on my brow.

7. All you give your cow and sheep
is an wide green, green meadow
away from your watch and shadow;
content they are - and your sleep.

8. Ask Ceres or the Mightiest of all,
if Nature keeps herself better if we depart,
with her housekeeping and her art -
Was Paradise redeemed after the Fall?

8. The night is full of awe and wonder,
but how many stars do my poor eyes miss?
Yet my mind is set to explore and wander
in search beyond silence true peace.

9. the Drummer Boy to his master's will
marched with the flag behind him;
the flag drops,yet he, drumming still
fell, knowing only the battle hymn.

10. Youth, sweet memories you cherish -
whether the path you took is bright
or dark, or faded in the mist -
matters not in the end, if all's right.

11. To change our ways, hold your peace;
in his dungeon Gandhi prayed at ease;
bowed on a loom he wove the cloth
from the naked, the flag and his oath.

12. Truth we seek, its bulk lies under;
iceberg, it's tip not the real danger;
mum we all are, inside brews anger,
deafening silence sets as asunder.

13. The valley is still, the fog thick and gray;
many a dream is born and gone astray;
once a beacon now ringed with light
where once a moth died in a noble fight.

14. The sail must catch the wind
like a bird; the boat glides free,
for nothing is more fearful
than doldrums in the sea.

15. Lemonade is sweet
even without tasting it,
sans test or any gadget;
seeds float, they rarely sink.

16. The spider protects her brood in tempest,
shepherds her tiny ones from the nest.
Ask Charles Darwin the explanation,
and Robert Bruce the exclamation.

17. Whisper of summer rain
soothes a longing pain
sending a chord fresh and cool
that hums through the soul.

18. Keener the senses are at the end,
deeper kinship lies at the bend;
everyone a friend after the Fall,
the past we bid, welcome to all.

19. Life comes from colors, colors in light,
light from the sun, light to the plant,
plant to animal, whale or the ant -
and life goes on throughout the night.

20. On the Rice Terraces where I stand,
golden are the grains in the setting sun;
on the Great Wall where I walk back in time
roars a dragon amid a mournful chime.

~ ~ ~

Assignment for photography students and enthusiasts: This is an exercise in Creative Photography. Choose an appropriate photograph for each verse and capture its essence and message. Write the caption for the photograph. Enhance the human interest effect. Apply the elements of art, mainly composition. Can your work pass for a poster?

Living with Nature by AVR, Volume 3

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