Thursday, July 16, 2009

Part 3: Time for Verses

Abe V Rotor
Take time out, be a child again.

1. Hush, hush,
suddenly the world became still;
gone is the lark in the sky
and raven on the window sill.

2. The bamboo I cut is not really mine,
this giant grass, a reed sublime;
in the wind it rings a sweet old chime
into a song sans words and rhyme.

3. When the geese take to the air
their leader first breaks the barrier;
on the dovetail trail ride the flock
in synergy, confidence and luck.

4. The Arch honors the great;
it stands with the people's faith
through seasons and through the ages
enshrined in history's pages.

5. Two paintings of the same subject
the imagination may recollect;
however truthful that we may aim
will the paintings ever be the same.

6. "Tell me it is true," her faith implied,
"the sun is moving," she cried;
archetypes from memories relive
in those who blindly believe.

7. Full and heavy is the grain
in the field shining in gold,
nurtured by the monsoon rain
and by faith a thousand fold.

8. Flow gently like sweet Afton, flow;
but that was a long time ago;
now that you are covered with silt,
this song would no longer fit.

9. The moon is a boat floating,
yet brief it is in one place;
the boat is now sinking,
sinking into its new phase.

10. Children are children
seeking adventure away from crowd;
curiosity, danger and dream
lie beyond the cloud.

11. Flowers are full of promises,
they are the bridge of the gene,
the essence of a compromise,
opening a chapter and scene.

12. Nature's architecture
copied in a concrete world;
we of little faith are told -
all this is man's grandeur.

13. Bats, they cling in some dark dome
designed to be their home;
cast omen that sets them apart
from us who detest their art.

14. Long forgotten is Malthus ghost,
haunting Baghdad after Hanoi,
where Big Brother once again plays host,
benevolence a game of decoy.

15. Renaissance and God's word
ride on the Cross and Sword -
two tools their roles apart,
yet ruled by the latter's part.

16. The curse of the all Supreme
is to push man to the brim
when he acts with the god in him
and defies Mount Olympus hymn.

17. I asked how many friends I have;
the click beetle, it knew what I said;
pressing its breast my wish implied,
and all I wanted it complied.

18. Ode to the Cicada
Man may sing better and without end,
and perhaps his bride is more cute;
still he envies you his little friend,
for your bride is forever mute.

19. If you wish to reach heaven alone,
do not anymore bother,
for the Flood has purified your kind;
everyone is now a brother.

20. Keen is sight atop a hill
when the sky is blue and clear;
in the dark it's clearer still
with a heart to see and hear.

Assignment for photography students and enthusiasts: This is an exercise in Creative Photography. Choose an appropriate photograph for each verse and capture its essence and message. Write the caption for the photograph. Enhance the human interest effect. Apply the elements of art. Can your work pass for a poster?

Living with Nature by AVR, Volume 3

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