Friday, January 16, 2009


Mural by Rossa Fernando, Marinell Catalan, Bobbie Soriano, Jazzielyn Chow & Isabel Gueco. High School Department, St. Paul University QC

Poem by Abe V Rotor

How can I see a better view than from here,
The magnificence of God’s creation?
They are at my fingertips,
I am a Gulliver- everything is small:

The valley, the river, the mountain,
Big as they are - they’re the small;
And the small are the biggest:
The birds, the crawlers, the bees.

I wonder how God sees us from top of a hill,
Or from heaven to down below.
But if the big are that small
And the small are big - it matters not.
Everything is the same and equal
To God’s eyes while he sits on a hill.

x x x

1 comment:

rplf said...

thank you for the beautiful poem Dr. Abercio V. Rotor, it is much appreciated..
wonderfully made,..
till our next mural painting, i hope :)

-rossa paula fernando