Friday, October 20, 2017

The Blue Stream

"He wonders if ever the stream reaches the sea.
That's too far out from here, he thought." avr

Painting and Verse by Dr Abe V Rotor 

Blue Stream in acrylic, AVR c 1990

A painting is never finished, I must say.
     In it the artist discovers himself;
He is sitting on a rock ledge in deep thoughts,
     afraid of the water perhaps;
He flies the white kite, the others the red ones,
     why the white one he wonders;
He wades chest deep, goes upstream, 
     wonders at the salmon returning;
He whistles for the wind to take his kite higher 
     above the red ones. Whistles again.
He feels the chilly wind from the hills, did it 
     come all the way from Siberia? 
He looks up, the sky's gloomy, clouds heavy;  
     at this time of the year? he questions.
He traces the source of the stream, ah, 
     the watershed, he said, it's like a funnel;
He turns downstream, will the stream 
     join a river. He thinks of the Nile;
He wonders if ever his stream reaches the sea;
     that's too far out from here, he thought.
He returns on the rock ledge in deep thoughts, 
     looks at the blue sky and water.  ~ 

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