Monday, August 14, 2017

A Day at the Museum of Natural History

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog

Skeleton of a tamaraw
Wall. wall, who is the most informed of all? 
History in a glass case
Whale, dead and alive - and threatened.
Kids' world in a natural world through arts 
Teachers on a field trip at the UPLB Museum of Natural History
Author leads group in a field lecture

Museum is...

Museum is where time stands still and the world goes back 
into the realm of the past resurrected by fossil and artifact;

Museum is a capsule of time and space that makes a tour
for the busy soul to break away from daily grind and chore;

Museum is where man's instinct yearning to know his origin 
as a human being comes to terms with unsettled beginning.

Museum is the showcase of biodiversity, past and present 
of the living world - prehistoric, the ancient and the recent;    

Museum is a diorama, fashioned by man's hand, aesthetic
and make-believe, his life in harmony, doubt and conflict;     

Museum is an arena of knowledge, attracting the scholars
to talk about anything on earth, and beyond the stars; 

Museum is a place of reflection where man draws humility 
from revelation, embracing both unknown and reality. 

Museum is a keyhole of a country's wealth and culture, 
a view of awe and beauty, achievements and rapport;

Museum is a center of peace, foreigners and citizens
converging into small United Nations of many friends.    

Museum is a place marked with neither beginning nor end,
it simply takes one into a journey of life down the bend. ~  

Photos were taken at the Museum of Natural History at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, Laguna, 2007

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