Monday, February 13, 2017

Integrated Art for Children: Get out of your box!

Dr Abe V Rotor

The Magic Box - The figure below is an imaginary box constructed with nine (9) dots. Now this is the instruction. With a pencil draw four (4) continuous lines without lifting the pencil and hit the nine dots without repeating or missing any one.

It takes several trials. And when you have finally found the secret you will realize that you really have to “get out of your box” to be able to do it. Learn to explore outside this box. Break out your shell of biases, pre-judgment. Move away from your zone of comfort or fear. Get out and seek the world outside your waterhole, outside your comfort zone. While doing this exercise the musical background is one with a happy note, such as The Lonely Goatherd or The Happy Farmer. It takes not longer than ten minutes for the whole exercise. Note: In case you already know this exercise beforehand, you will certainly be helpful to the group as facilitator. 

o         o         o 

o         o         o 

o         o         o

Second Part – Make a kite out of your figure, with you playing the kite at the end of the string. Use pencil and crayon.

What is the significance of this exercise?What does the kite represent?
How about a kite flying festival? Write a short essay about your work.

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