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San Vicente IS Series: Favorite Ilocano Dishes

San Vicente IS Series: Favorite Ilocano Dishes
Dr Abe V Rotor
Caliente, ox hide. Hide is cleaned, and softened under low fire for hours, sliced thinly, spiced heavily with onion and pepper, and salt.

Favorite goat recipes: kilawin (left) or medium rare; and pinapa-itan (soup made of entrails and chyme, which gives the bitter taste. Chyme is extracted from the partially digested grass, and heated to pasteurization temperature, around 70 degrees Celsius. Gall is often used as substitute.)
Alukong (Ilk) or Himbaba-o (Tag) is a favorite vegetable for dinengdeng or bulanglang. 
It is actually the staminate or male flower of a large tree.

Singkamas or yam is eaten fresh with Ilocos vinegar and a dash of salt. It is also an ingredient of fresh lumpia, and fruit cocktail.

Tamalis - this mixture is divided into small packs wrapped with wilted banana leaves, and cooked in earthen pot (banga).

Malunggay pod is skinned, and cut into pieces, cooked into dinengdeng, with camote (buridibud) and alukong. Broiled tilapia or bangos is excellent sahug.
Ngarusangis shellfish is washed and cooked until shell opens. Skillful winnowing completely separates the shell (right). This shellfish is gathered in shallow estuaries.

Squash ukoy. Squash is grated like noodles, used fresh or partially dried. Cooked with egg, small shrimps, and condiments, like any ukoy 
Tupig being cookedIngredients: glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and sugar.

Sinambong - glutinous rice in woven coconut leaves, cooked with sugarcane juice during the manufacture of muscovado sugar.

Two kinds of suman

Ar-arusip, a green seaweed (Caulerpa racemosa) is served fresh with tomato, often with onion

Sinigang na malaga (Ilk), samaral (Tag)

Ilocano-inspired cooking and serving chicken

Alimasag crab

Ilocano dishes include pinakbet, tinubong, saluyot, imbaliktad or dinakdakan (medium rare beef or pork)

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