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Here are some practical means of measurement by old folks, can you add to the list?.

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Old folks would tell a child that the total length of the outstretched arms fingertip to fingertip is equivalent to the height of the person. This is based on the drawing of Leonardo da Vinci. Is this true? What don’t you try it on yourself? They also say that the least shadow you make, the closer it is to noontime. This is of course without reference to the declination of the sun, and the season of the year. 

abot bahay, abot bubong...

      There is no assurance of accuracy in these means of measurement. Take for instance when one says “isang sigarilyo lang ang layo” (it takes a stick of cigarette to reach the place), and the guide has yet to light his cigarette and you have gone a long way. Or somebody says, “It is only at the other side of the mountain.”  Which mountain and how many are there?  

Try to use these informal means of measurements.

·         Dipa’ – the length covered from fingertip to fingertip with both arms fully stretched.

·         Dangkal – distance from tip of thumb to tip of forefinger, or middle finger.

·         Guhit – when measuring the amount of water in cooking rice we use the finger – one or two guhit.  

·         Talampakan – distance from heel to toe, equivalent to one “foot.”

·         Tingi – in retail selling this is a parcel without any standard reference.

·         Hanggang tuhod,  bewang, liig, lampas tao, etc   

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