Sunday, May 13, 2012

PSERE: Morning comes easy at the wharf

Abe V Rotor
Morning comes easy here at this wharf, 
as easy as people come and go everyday,
as easy as a fisherman arrives from sea,
as easy as a farmer goes to tend his field,
as easy as a housewife goes to market,
as easy as children go to school;

As easy as the tides come and go, 
the wind on the sail and dying in breeze,
as easy as the boats skirting the shoals,
as easy as the outriggers float and buoy,
the anchor lifted from its mooring,  
to free the boat to its destination;

As easy as spontaneous joy and laughter, 
in whispers of prayer of the faithful,
and wishes of good luck and godspeed, 
as easy as changing of the guards
and helping hands and work shifts,
as easy as coffee in the air;

As easy as life away from the busy lane,
from the blurring sound and vision,
heavy city air, and clogged streets; 
as easy as the simple folks take life,
day in, day out, throughout their lives,
as easy as the sun rises on the hill.~

Photographs taken and poem composed at Iloilo wharf serving Guimaras 
and other islands. May 11, 2012

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