Monday, November 15, 2010

City Skyscape

Autumn leaves of talisay tree

Entangled branches and cable wires

UST on a summer vacation

Drifting cloud hangs on cable wires

Stratus to cirrus cloud - a subtle transformation

Breezeless day at UST

Cumulus cloud towers over building and tree tops

Escape from the City

Shells, layer after layer of walls,
But breath and keep on breathing,
Wave after wave, time enthralls
You to the art of living and dying.

As the world makes the final roll call,
You are left alone among the throng;
People are everywhere but not a soul
To tell you what is right or wrong.

Escape if you must to Agape land;
Resort to the sky as Daedalus did;
The skyscape your map to that land,
Least by imagination, best by creed. ~

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