Friday, November 20, 2009

Home from the Plain - A Reflection in Verses

On-the-spot painting by the author, La Union
Botanical Garden, San Fernando, La Union, 2000

Abe V Rotor

1. I stood here many, many years back,
Gazing the horizon and beyond,
As I grew up on this far native land,
Leaving not a footprint on the rock.

2. Where is my home, home from the plain -
Battle in life’s work and wandering?
A family to stand by and sharing
The joys, but ne’er the fears and pain

3. Tell me if one half of the world dies
When infinite is the earth’s resource;
Then it’s the other half the fault lies
Or designed to keep our course.

4. How can the sun reach the hadal depth,
Where the world is cold, where love is dearth?
Hasn’t someone a bit of sun long kept?
Come, come and save the hearth.

5. Heavenly fire the clay took form,
Lives his soul after his ash;
Tempered he survives the storm
Lost in Eden to live with us.

6. I hear church bells ringing;
Prayer, prayer, prayer in trinity;
A child to man, man into wandering,
And man’s return to reality.

7. It is often told this story:
That which we cannot accept,
Upon its death, smells sweet –
And sweeter is its memory.~

Light from the Old Arch 2, AVR

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