Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Kids' World of Nature - Where childhood is forever

Kids' World of Nature - 
 Where childhood is forever 
"Fleeting moments are most precious,
ephemeral yet eternal.  The child in you 
lives to the golden years of your life."

Dr Abe V Rotor 
 Catching land crabs with a bamboo trap. Palauig, Zambales 

How I love to catch gammarong (Ilk) crab 
when I was like my son Leo Carlo;
he learned the skill early from me, passed on
by old folks by the sea; Leo in turn 
shall teach others before the art is lost,
as  treasured trade and  tradition.  
 Building sandcastles.  Morong, Rizal 

Building sandcastles, building dreams,
on waking up are gone, but they return  
as. sandcastles and dreams again 
throughout  youth, higher and bigger,
 crumbling leaving ruins of memories, 
ruins where castles once stood proud,
uniting reality and fantasy into a happy,
wonderful and fulfilled life.    

Summer fun on the beach.  San Juan, Ilocos Sur

Frolic in company with the waves and tides, 
when the sea is as blue as the sky, and wish
boyhood is forever and never dies;
or you'll always tarry in later years  if you don't;
for fleeting moments are most precious,
ephemeral yet eternal in that child in you 
who lives into the golden years of life.  
 Christmas for under-the-bridge children.  Pasay MM

The bells of Christmas sound louder among the poor;
the Bethlehem star shines brighter, too.  
The angels come earlier in their homes without door.
 in exchange of a simple lantern or two.  

 Instant swimming pool from busted pipe.  Sta. Mesa, MM

A swimming pool in the middle of a street,
a busted pipe blessing to a dozen kids 
in the neighborhood in frolic and laughter;
like a Riviera or Thoreau's Walden;    
it's a children's world, a corner of Eden. 

Mushrooms growing on a tree stump. UP Diliman QC 

Mushrooms on a stump, home of the dwarfs:
red, yellow, white, or in disguise,
each color a character, a foe or a friend,
to find where the pot of gold lies.

Nipa Hut by the river, Tagbilaran, Bohol

Frolicking - game of the vibrant and the young,
recreating a primordial social bond;
where innocence means freedom and adventure, 
In sweet abandon, here and beyond. ~

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